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a singer married to science!


My Caribbean childhood at Colombia was filled with the sound of ocean waves, my father's tropical songs and my mother's property deals. After moving to Panama in 2000, I helped her with international transactions as her English and French translator and simultaneous interpreter, while also singing in public at every opportunity. My professional path diversified into business administration, interior design, voice over acting and then boldly into a fulfilling career as a musician. I got to travel the world enriching my multicultural understanding and then returned to Panama finding both artistic success and love.

But not everything has been rosy. I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis after suffering my entire life with disabling menstrual cramps, I had to structure my schedule around this and calm myself with the healing power of my own singing voice. Determined to heal, I started to combine sound healing, stem cell therapy and a healthy lifestyle, until one day I hit the pain-free ticket!

Today, I can finally say with a grateful heart that I found not only lasting relief but also my life's purpose: to help women amplify their health and wealth so that they achieve financial freedom and happiness.

Shary Rose musician & the Panama real estate broker