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From the cosmopolitan vibe of Panama City to the serene beaches and lush mountains, Panama offers a diverse range of experiences. Explore different regions to truly appreciate the richness of this country.

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Immerse in the diversity of Panama's musical culture and connect with our vibrant & exuberant community! 


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I'm more than a licensed real estate broker; I'm a real growth strategic partner with a unique blend of marketing insight, artistic flair, and investment acumen.

Born into real estate through my mother's career in Colombia, my early years were filled with the sound of ocean waves, tropical music and property deals. After moving to Panama in 2000, I assisted her with international transactions as a translator and simultaneous English and French interpreter. My path diversified into business administration, interior design, marketing and then boldly into a fulfilling career as a musician, where I got to travel the world enriching my Panama's multicultural understanding and finding both artistic success and love.

By blending my diverse professional experience, personal journey and core values with my inherited strategic investment expertise, I empower freedom seekers and help them thrive! —Together, we build pathways to generate passive income by monetizing your voice and investing in Panama. Not just in property, but in a lifestyle enriched with music, culture, health and community, for lasting prosperity.

Shary Rose musician & the Panama real estate broker

"Working with Shary as my real estate broker and property manager has made my Panama experience smoother! She and her team are the best!"

- Dalton S

"Last year, I was looking for a rent as a single parent. Thanks to Shary, I’m now part of a musical and cultural community at Casco Viejo, Panamá."

- Julio A.

"From United States to Panama paradise! Thank you Shary for helping us by answering all our relocation questions!"

- Corinne S